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Eat with us

In the same smithy, a year ago, we asked the question, "What the hell are you doing here?". This led to a series of exciting conversations in the smithy of Gislöv, on topics like production and consumption, design, art and craft and cultural heritage, to name a few. The most recent meeting asking the question of what the bigger context look like.

Smedjangruppen, consisting of four artists and designers, are exploring these topics from the perspective of their individual position in the countryside of south eastern Scania.

In the past year the group has arranged local meetings, asked questions, deepened the discussion and initiated dialogue with the Region Museum in Kristianstad and Österlen Museum. 

We now invite everybody for a dinner to continue the conversation with us.

Visitors are invited to a dinner in the smithy of Gislöv together with:
Gunnel Pettersson, artist (Glimminge)
Petra Lilja, Industrial Designer (Malmö-Glimminge)
Amit Sen, musician and artist (Hammenhög)
Kristofer Åberg, Forge and Designer (St Olof)

Location: Skånes Building Center Gislöv 2012, Simrishamn
Collaboration with Gislöv's Wrought Museum and Byagille
Contact: Gunnel Pettersson, 070 615 0254