Petra Lilja
Design Studio

Exhibition design

With a wide creative network Petra Lilja has experience with designing and hosting various types of events to visionary innovation meetings, art museums and design venues and entertainment acts, as well as project managing of whole events conducting packaging, exhibition & interior design.

HDK / Steneby, Stockholm Furniture Fair

Petra Lilja was commissioned guest curator and designer of the exhibition of the Wood Oriented Furniture Design Programme at HDK / Steneby for the 2017 stand at Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture Fair. This year’s theme was Gatherings and the students had successfully explored the topic together with a linoleum material resulting in a series of smaller objects. Petra Lilja chose to work with Gatherings as of people around a table and displayed the designs on top of a large round table like podium consisting of to semi-circles in two heights. To fully mediate the inspirational materiality of the linoleum, a set of over-sized material samples leaning against the back wall served as information boards. 


The Future is Handmade

The exhibition design for “ The Future is Handmade “ was made inspired by a conveyer belt, symbolizing massproduction and industrialization of our era, juxtaposing the range of handmade objects from 46 designers, makers and crafts persons that it displayed. Petra Lilja also curated the exhibition, for and in collaboration with Kalmar Konstmuseum and Designarkivet. The exhibition was also showed at Form/Design Center in Malmö and Falkenbergs Museum, Sweden. Read more under Curating


Shop Show

Together with Copenhagen based interior architect Johan Carlsson / JAC Studios, Petra Lilja made the exhibition design for the touring exhibition Shop Show that started at Form Design Center, Malmö in 2013. The exhibition travelled to Helsingfors/Finland, Reykjavik/Iceland, Kolding/Denmark, Oslo/Norway and Falkenberg/Sweden, 2013-2015. Shop Show is an exhibition about the relationship between consumption and production and that somebody always pays the price. Petra Lilja was also represented in the exhibition with her piece The Deconstructed Medusa Chair. Other designers include Marjan Aubel (Holland), Vik Prjonsdottir (Iceland) and Company (Finland) among others.



This exhibition was designed and curated by Petra Lilja in cooperation with the Embassies of Sweden and Finland in Bucharest and displayed during the Romanian Design Week, an annual event in Bucharest that promotes design and architecture. The idea behind the exhibition design was a smorgasbord of objects representing emerging tendencies in Scandinavian design. The large table was designed as an easy-to-assemble flat pack podium where upon the objects where elevated and placed on reflective mirror glass. Skilled carpenters manufactured the design in Bucharest. The idea behind a free-standing podium was to optimize long distance collaboration where important information like exact location and facilities could be subject for change and the designer not being able to visit the venue prior to the opening. Please read more about the exhibition under Curating.


True Story 

Petra Lilja was commissioned by Framtidsgenerationen and Malmö Stadsteater to design the exhibition for The Malmö True Story – a project and a theater play involving the youth of Malmö and their stories. It was design mobile and collapsible for outdoor use at the Malmö Festival as well as for indoor use at Malmö Stadsteater and on tour. 


Art & Design Talk Show: Konstitutet

For the launch of Konstitutet designer Petra Lilja created the Art and Design Talk Show – simply a new way to talk art and design with a lot of humor included. Set in a large workshop hall, the design, consisting of a 10meter long bar with integrated light and a stage, ironically drew inspiration from American TV-talk shows with a backdrop of the surrounding not-so-tall skylines of the Sofielund-area of Malmö. For the live show, art- and design critic Dennis Dahlqvist was hired for the role of the talk show host and Petra Lilja, as the side-kick and one-woman band delivered musical jingles as well as questions for the guests. Konstitutet is a platform and a forum for local design professionals and visual artists. The stage design was made in collaboration with graphic designers Matilda Plöjel and Lisa Olausson and carpenter Ed Menton.