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REPHRASALS (ENG) / OMFORMULERA (SE) / PARAFRAASI (FI)  is an experimental design project which explores what new possibilities and expressions can be found through a method of associations and chance.

The designers Petra Lilja (SE) and Aalto+Aalto (FI) have chosen three designs from the last 100 years from their respective countries and have described them through a set of definitions, not revealing what the original objects are. These definitions, or descriptions are then switched so that both designers get a kind of brief.

The new objects are rephrasals of the original ideas, similar in their motivation and materiality but different in form. The resulting collection of objects offers new interpretations into familiar objects as well as an in depth look into the multiple reasons why things are like they are.

The project is part of the Finland 100 program and has been made possible with the generous support of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The exhibition can be viewed in Malmö, October 21 to November 26 at Form/Design Center.


Sara Sigurdardottir
London Design Fair 2017, press coverage and more

Petra Lilja Design Studio exhibited at the Swedish Pavilion during London Design Fair, The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, September 21st-24th. A big thanks to everybody who stopped by, the great press coverage and to my wonderful Swedish colleagues.

Link to press images for London Design Fair 2017


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Pre London Design Fair Mingle!

Hope to see you all at Form Design Center on Saturday for a mingle with the Swedish designers that will take part at the London Design Fair!
The program will start with a movie screening at 14, following a mingle from 14.30 untill 15.00.
The event is free!
For more information click here!


Sara Sigurdardottir

As a part of redefining the Petra Lilja Design Studio's core values, a fresh website was needed. We have translated the new philosophy into a new website and new graphic profile for print and web. The new look aims to be more accessible and easy to navigate on mobile as well as bigger screens.

We hope you like it! 

Eat with us

In the same smithy, a year ago, we asked the question, "What the hell are you doing here?". This led to a series of exciting conversations in the smithy of Gislöv, on topics like production and consumption, design, art and craft and cultural heritage, to name a few. The most recent meeting asking the question of what the bigger context look like.

Smedjangruppen, consisting of four artists and designers, are exploring these topics from the perspective of their individual position in the countryside of south eastern Scania.

In the past year the group has arranged local meetings, asked questions, deepened the discussion and initiated dialogue with the Region Museum in Kristianstad and Österlen Museum. 

We now invite everybody for a dinner to continue the conversation with us.

Visitors are invited to a dinner in the smithy of Gislöv together with:
Gunnel Pettersson, artist (Glimminge)
Petra Lilja, Industrial Designer (Malmö-Glimminge)
Amit Sen, musician and artist (Hammenhög)
Kristofer Åberg, Forge and Designer (St Olof)

Location: Skånes Building Center Gislöv 2012, Simrishamn
Collaboration with Gislöv's Wrought Museum and Byagille
Contact: Gunnel Pettersson, 070 615 0254

3D printed ceramics at Aalto fab lab

For the new vases in the 1+1+1 collaboration between Aalto Aalto, Hugdetta and Petra Lilja design studio we are experimenting with unexpected mash ups of 3D models. They have just been printed at the Ad lab of Aalto University. What do you think?

1 + 1  + 1  awarded again!

The Nordic design group 1+1+1, Hugdetta (IS), Aalto+Aalto (FI) and Petra Lilja Design Studio (SE), got awarded a financial grant from Iceland yesterday and last month with the award product line of the Year from magazine Grapevine. 

Together with previous funding from Norden, the group are now able to continue their experimental explorations and are planning to collaborate closely with high-end craft production in all three countries. Aiming to make even more bold and fun unpredictable design in unique or limited editions for the future. Read more >>>

Petra Lilja to London in September

PETRA LILJA will be participating at the London Design Fair 21-24 of September! Together with a selection of 10 designers, we will exhibit and sell unique pieces at the Swedish Design Pavilion. The exhibition will run for four days days with a mixture of furniture, accessories and illustration. Stop by Brick Lane for a chat and some traditional Swedish fika! Hoping to see you at there! For more info about the Swedish Design Pavilion click here! For info about the London Design Fair click here!

Sugar archive exhibition

Today we took part of the exhibition Wanderlost in Kristianstad. Through moving image, text and audio Petra Lilja design studio has been exploring sugar with the starting point in the sugar beet as a historically important symbol of agriculture and industry in Scania, southern Sweden. The research based material was then combined with the method of writing constrains in a series of word collages as well as image collages. The exhibition showed a movie and printed matter.

Posters arrived!

We´re so exited to see the poster packaging arrived! The three variations of 1+1+1 poster designs will be up for grabs in limited edition in Island, Finland and at Form/Design Center this autumn.. Stay tuned!

New color palette for 1 + 1 + 1

Today we are exited to dive into the topic of old school candle wax moulding. We set out to experiment with different colour combinations for the new 1+1+1 collection. The candles will be exhibited in Stockholm during the Stockholm fair and sold in a limited edition. 

Kristin Elizabeth Løberg
Fictioning workshop

Fictioning workshop, with Ola Ståhl and Sara Hyltén-Cavallius. Exploring notions of collaborative fictioning, sounds recorded in Kirseberg are turned into interwoven sketches and fragments of narrative. The result will be turned into an unique publication exhibited in the gallery. Main workshop day is Saturday December 3rd, 13-17.30, please sign up by emailing The workshop is followed by optional after work at Mässingshornet. Optional: Friday December 2nd, recording sounds around Kirseberg, starting 19.00. Saturday December 4th, continuation of workshop, making artist book, 10.00-16.00 and OPENING 16.00-18.00.

Link to more information

Kristin Elizabeth Løberg
Petra Lilja Design Gallery fall program

The seminar series Design Research in the Gallery will explore this, materially, verbally and in action during 2016. The invited design researchers will do talks, workshops, installations or activist-events open to the public. By facilitating these meetings the aim is knowledge making and creative exchange between the participants / visitors.

Going into the second part of the seminar series Design Research in the Gallery, it can be confirmed that the aim of knowledge-making and creative exchange have been successfully met in the first five seminars. During the fall of 2016 the series will continue to explore the junction between design research,  the gallery and the home – materially, verbally and in action, through the work of four new researchers.

The series starts on September 4th with Gunnel Pettersson, artist and senior lecturer at the School of arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University. Link for more detailed information.

Kristin Elizabeth Løberg
Petra Lilja to Finland 

Petra Lilja is taking part in three different exhibitions in Finland during the summer of 2016. Objects of Desire at Design Museo, Helsinki, is showing a selection of limited edition and unique pieces from international designers working conceptually. Galleri Lokal, Helsinki is showing a satellite version of the Kasvu / Tillväxt / Growth exhibition at Onoma, Fiskars Village. Work from the whole collection of 1+1+1 objects are displayed. 1+1+1 is a collaboration between Petra Lilja (SE), Aalto & Aalto (FI) and Hugdetta (IS). Thanks to a grant from Iaspis, Petra will to travel to Finland for the exhibitions.


Kristin Elizabeth Løberg