Petra Lilja
Design Studio


Petra Lilja is an industrial designer by trade, dedicating her career to critically examine the role of the designer in a world where a lot of the problems we're facing, like climate change, poverty and inequity can be traced back to design decisions. Since Petra Lilja started her first design studio back in 2005 she has explored different ways to combine her creative driving force with her deep concern about sustainability. She has found a fruitful balance and divides her time between her design studio and her academic work as design lecturer, researcher and board member of the managing team for the Design + Change Programme at Linnaeus University. 


Petra Lilja Design Studio specialize in concept design, curatorial work, and exhibition design, permeated with a strong foundation in sustainability. Based in Malmö, Sweden, Petra Lilja Design Studio works with projects and commissions both locally and internationally. The studio forms the node in a tight network of people and competence that grows organically depending on the specifics of the commission.   Sharing a passion for visualizing future scenarios as a tool to discuss sustainability issues we also work within the fields of emerging design practices like metadesign, critical design and speculative design. Founder Petra Lilja has long pedagogical experience and she is senior lecturer in design and former head of the Design + Change program at Linnaeus University, she is often hired to lead workshops, moderating and giving talks outside of the academy as well. 

We believe that through interdisciplinary collaborations, great challenges can be met and our design methods are well suited for synchronizing collaborations as well as leading processes towards innovation and change.

Photo by Frans Hällqvist

Photo by Frans Hällqvist

I’m rethinking the traditional role of design. In the context of the anthropocene the designer must go from being a service-providing marionette of the growth-focused industry, to take responsibility of the actions and consequences of design. The design process needs to transform from result-oriented to open-ended to meet the complexity of today’s world. My aim is to work for sustainable futures with a positive mindset and a holistic approach.
— Petra Lilja