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Reykjavik’s Design March

I’m back in Iceland! For this year’s Design March I exhibit brand new work from my ongoing Medusa Design Projects, (see recent blog post). Glasses, jewllery, glass jars and a wool blanket in collaboration with Icelandic design cooperation Vik Prjonsdottir.
Opening: Thursday March 27th at 20:00 at Hannesarholt, Reykjavik.

My methods consists of deconstruction, remixing new and recycled materials and décor painting. The Medusa Blanket prototype is made in Sweden and is breaking new ground for all of us designers by using new techniques.
During the opening of the exhibition Medusa Design Projects I will also do a painting performance. The Medusa logotype and poster are designed by Lisa Orvang and Helena Hajdu-Rafis, who also made the animation projected in the exhibition space.

Cut from the press release:
Mythology works as an inspiration and starting point for Swedish designer Petra Lilja’s Medusa Design Projects exhibited during Design March. Along with her own designs, the exhibition will show a brand new textile design in collaboration with Vik Prjónsdóttir.
Petra Lilja puts focus on craft and sustainability in her work. As a trained industrial designer she goes from computer based drawing to physical production and research in sustainability, bridging the handicrafted and the local, small scale industrial production.

Sara Sigurdardottir