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Sustainable fashion lecture

Petra Lilja will be lecturing on sustainable fashionand showing examples from the exhibition The Future is Handmade which she has curated. This is part of the programme at the Malmö Festival.

Cut from the program:
Petra Lilja is an industrial designer with a studio in Malmö where she also runs a design gallery. She works as a freelance designer and curator, most recently with the acclaimed design exhibition The Future is Handmade, showing among other works, sustainable fashion.

Petra Lilja’s interest in sustainability issues has been present throughout her life and design career. She co-fuded the design and innovation studio Apokalypse Labotek, well-known for the “falafel soap” and parquet floor of recycled car tires. Currently Petra Lilja is launching a furniture and a jewelry collection whose concepts raises issues of sustainable production and consumption.

“Someone else will always pay the price for the low prices we see in stores. At worst, with their health and their lives, somewhere else on the planet.“/ Petra Lilja

Thursday, August 21st:
11:30 Gathering on the first floor inside Form / Design Center, Malmö.
11: 45-12: 15Lecture
12: 15-12: 25 Q & A


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