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Petra Lilja Design Gallery fall program

The seminar series Design Research in the Gallery will explore this, materially, verbally and in action during 2016. The invited design researchers will do talks, workshops, installations or activist-events open to the public. By facilitating these meetings the aim is knowledge making and creative exchange between the participants / visitors.

Going into the second part of the seminar series Design Research in the Gallery, it can be confirmed that the aim of knowledge-making and creative exchange have been successfully met in the first five seminars. During the fall of 2016 the series will continue to explore the junction between design research,  the gallery and the home – materially, verbally and in action, through the work of four new researchers.

The series starts on September 4th with Gunnel Pettersson, artist and senior lecturer at the School of arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University. Link for more detailed information.


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