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Emerging Tendencies in Scandinavian Design

The exhibition Emerging Tendencies in Scandinavian Design is an exhibition curated by Swedish designer and curator Petra Lilja. In cooperation with the Embassies of Sweden and Finland in Romania, the exhibition is displayed during the Romanian Design Week, an annual event in Bucharest that promote design and architecture. May 16th to 24th, 2015.

The exhibition shows a selection of design objects that represent three strong tendencies in the contemporary Scandinavian design scene: designers working with small-scale and artisan production, designers working conceptually rather than commercially and designers that bring together social commenting with design at the frontier of art.

Many of the emerging designers of Sweden and Finland are interested in contemporary artisanship and although their work honor craft and reflect it’s traditional values it also seeks new meaning of it’s own.

– As a curator, I’m interested in bringing these tendencies forward in order to inspire designers, producers and consumers. The storytelling behind the objects reveals the thinking and making of products and make them more than just materials and shapes. By using local resources of production and materials the designer has the potential to create unique design, full of stories – one way forward towards a sustainable future, says Petra Lilja.

Designers: Aalto+Aalto (FI), Andréason & Leibel (SE), Company (FI), Daniel Svahn (SE) Folkform (SE), Jenny Nordberg (SE), Anu Penttinen (FI), Kristoffer Sundin (SE), Lisa Hilland (SE), Louise Hederström (SE), Minna Palmqvist (SE/FI), Som Supawan (SE), Stina Löfgren (SE)

Emerging Tendencies in Scandinavian Design is made possible by the collaboration between Petra Lilja, The Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest, The Embassy of Finland in Bucharest, The Institute and Fiskars.