Petra Lilja
Design Studio



1+1+1 is an experimental collaboration between designers from three Nordic countries – Hugdetta from Iceland, Petra Lilja from Sweden and Aalto+Aalto from Finland. Drawing inspiration from Surrealist method Exquisite Corpse, the project examines and reimagines objects by having each studio design an object consisting of three distinct parts and then mixing the parts up into unpredictable combinations. A set of rules are agreed upon but no information is shared during the process in order not to influence the design work.

1+1+1 is a rare kind of collaboration with no compromises as each studio designs their objects according to their own philosophy. Combining the different parts into new combinations is an almost brutally concrete form of cooperation.

The project started in March 2015 at Design March in Reykjavik where each studio designed a floor lamp. The end-results – 27 different lamp compilations were totally unpredictable, ranging from strange to exhilarating. The project is ongoing and the collection consists of, cabinets, mirrors, candle holders and candles and more under way.

For more info about participating designers:
Hugdetta, Iceland
Aalto+Aalto, Finland
Petra Lilja, Sweden

Parts of the limited edition designs can be purchased at the following stores:
Form/Design Center, Malmö, Sweden
TRE, Helsinki, Finland
Hugdetta, Reykjavik, Iceland