Petra Lilja
Design Studio
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REPHRASALS (ENG) / OMFORMULERA (SE) / PARAFRAASI (FI)  is an experimental design project which explores what new possibilities and expressions can be found through a method of associations and chance.

The designers Petra Lilja (SE) and Aalto+Aalto (FI) have chosen three designs from the last 100 years from their respective countries and have described them through a set of definitions, not revealing what the original objects are. These definitions, or descriptions are then switched so that both designers get a kind of brief.

The new objects are rephrasals of the original ideas, similar in their motivation and materiality but different in form. The resulting collection of objects offers new interpretations into familiar objects as well as an in depth look into the multiple reasons why things are like they are.

The project is part of the Finland 100 program and has been made possible with the generous support of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The exhibition can be viewed in Malmö, October 21 to November 26 at Form/Design Center.

Check out Aalto+Aalto's designs for Rephrasals on their website.